Surgical Alternatives for Neck Pain in San Diego CA

Surgical Alternatives for Neck Pain in San Diego CA

Neck pain can be a debilitating condition that dramatically affects the quality of not only your life but your friends and families lives as well. Activity levels decrease, daily task get more difficult and painful and our moods typically worsen the longer the pain is present.

Many people who don’t get help with their pain can become hopeless and eventually decide to just live with the pain. They stop exercising, stop socializing and some eventually stop working as well. Studies show that the quicker the pain gets interrupted and decreased, the better outcome we will see with that person. However, in our office, typically most of our patients have had their pain for many months and most many years, some 5-10, some over 10 years.

We provide a hands on, drug-free, injection-free, surgical alternative to their pain. There are 3 critical components when it comes to successfully treating pain.

1. Proper identification of where the pain is coming from, what is causing the pain? For many patients due to living in a gravity environment and the high number of hours spent in a seated position, compression of the spine is a very common source of the pain.

2. Identify what is the patient doing on a daily basis that is contributing to the pain? For many patients, the daily “stretching” routine that they perform, many yoga poses and constantly “trying’ different exercises is actually worsening their condition and causing the very pain they are attempting to alleviate.

3. Proper stabilization of the spine thru proper muscle recruitment and movement patterns. If this is not done even after the pain is diminished, then the pain will return, this is a critical concept that many doctors and practitioners do not review or have the knowledge in the first place unfortunately to impart the importance to their patients.


If you or a loved one are suffering from pain, then we may be able to help. We have helped countless others who were told that surgery was their only solution. Call today if you are interested in finally getting the why and solution to your pain.

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