Conditions We Treat

we treat all types of pain from Herniated disks to Neck Pain

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Conditions We Treat


Chronic Lower Back Pain

Through spinal decompression and chiropractic treatment, we treat lower back pain with high success rates without drugs or surgery.


Neck Pain

Our highly effective spinal decompression, chiropractic adjustments and personalized treatments can help rid you of neck pain.


Herniated Discs

Dr. Boelk specializes in the treatment of disc problems like herniated discs, whether in the neck or low back.


Disc Bulges

Bulging discs can lead to sudden or long-term trauma, while some occur without any symptoms. We can help.


Degenerative Disc Disease

This condition is relatively common as patients age. Still, we offer effective treatment to help with pain.



This refers to shooting or radiating pain in the legs and the buttocks, caused by disc bulges and compression of the sciatic nerves.



Scoliosis is a sideways curve of your spine that is most common in late childhood and early teens.


Spinal Stenosis

When the spinal canal becomes compressed, painful symptoms can result. We treat spinal stenosis effectively.


Leg Pain

Leg pain can often be treated with proper chiropractic care. Contact our office to see how we can help.


Shooting Arm Pain

On occasion, shooting arm pain is caused by neck issues that can be resolved through a chiropractor.


Back Pain-Whiplash

Whiplash is a very common occurance in car accidents, sports, especially contact and even everyday falls can cause whiplash.


Car Accident Injuries

Very important to have proper diagnosis and treatment quickly after a car accident as a lot of trauma can go into the spine and surrounding tissues.



Often caused from poor spinal alignment, spinal fixations and disc henraitions and compression.



Are often caused from the neck, stuck joints in the neck, spinal mis-alignments and pinched nerves can cause migraines.


Hip Pain

A very common condition we see in the office that we successfully treat often.


Shoulder Pain

Is often referred pain from the joints in the neck and disc bulges in the neck as well.


Slipped Discs

A very painful condition that if left untreated can cause further damage.


Pinched Nerves

Sharp, stabbing pain is often associated with pinched nerves and one of our specialties.



The nerves in the legs and arms can sometimes feel pain caused from the neck or low back discs and nerves getting compressed.



The tempo-mandibular joint can sometimes be mis-aligned and cause pain and sometimes be referred pain from the neck.


Disc Protrusions

By creating a negative pressure, it can help pull the protruding disc material back into the disc space.


Disc Extrusions

Similar to protrusions, the negative pressure can help in retracting the extruded disc material.


Loss of Disc Height

Decompression can promote nutrient and fluid intake into the disc, potentially aiding in disc rehydration and height restoration.


Disc Desiccation

By enhancing nutrient flow, decompression can help in disc rehydration, addressing desiccation (drying out).


Annular Tear or Fissure

Although it can't heal the tear directly, decompression can alleviate pressure on the damaged disc, possibly reducing pain and promoting healing



Decompression can relieve pressure on discs and nerves affected by the injury, aiding in pain reduction and recovery.

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