Dr. Boelk is a member of NXPT Fitness and personally takes care of Dan, Hannibal, Paige, Sam, Adrian and multiple members of the gym. He loves training there and you can usually catch him at the 9 am classes. If you are a member of the gym and see him there, say hello and feel free to ask him any questions you may have as well. He is very friendly and approachable, even when he’s sweaty and tired ☺

Dr. Boelk works closely with Dan and all the trainers at the gym and helps transition his patients into safe workouts that will continue to allow them the benefits of exercise while minimizing their risk of re-injury.

Dr. Boelk broke his back at 16 years of age and has suffered multiple disc herniations’ from his years of training and playing sports at high levels. He often will modify exercises for himself and his patients depending on their unique conditions. If you ever want some advice on how to modify, just ask him and he will be happy to help.

On this page you will see videos on how to maximize your workouts and results, modifications and proven recovery strategies.

On most Fridays, you can catch Dr. Boelk after the 9am class and he will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding your back, an injury, exercise modification or anything health related.

Fitness Trainer Dan
Fitness Trainer Paige
Fitness Trainer Hannibal

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20 Calorie Assault Bike Sprint
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Burpee Modification
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