Spinal Decompression Treatments In San Diego CA

For herniated, bulging, protruding, slipped and torn discs, spinal decompression treatments in San Diego CA is a highly successful therapy and one that has been proven and researched by many institutions such as Stanford University & Johns Hopkins University. Spinal decompression has been the solution for thousands of San Diego Residents and may be the solution for you as well.

Traditional treatments for disc related problems follows a often flawed approach within our healthcare system today.

Here is what happens, person hurts their back or neck.

-They go in and see their family physician. He or she listens to what they have to say, maybe does a physical exam, more often than not does not perform a physical exam on them at all.

-They get a prescription for pain medication and  or physical therapy. In some cases either the pain medications and or physical therapy resolves the symptoms.

-However for any real significant disc injury, we have to understand, there is significant compression of the discs upon the spine pushing the disc into sensitive tissues such as nerves. Also with many disc injuries, there is a chemical cascade that is released that causes significant pain and swelling.

-For these patients, they then return to their doctor after the medication and physical therapy does not help.

-Then a referral for a cortisone injection is given, injection then may or may not help the pain. If there is relief, it is typically short lived as the cause of the problem (spinal compression) was never addressed. Cortisone works temporarily by decreasing inflammation but it is also a desiccating substance which means it can further dehydrate spinal discs and surrounding tissues that have high water content in them, this is why only 3 injections are allowed per year due to the toxicity and dehydrating effects they have on delicate tissues.


Additional Information for Patients

The effectiveness and safety of injection of corticosteroids into the epidural space of the spine have not been established, and FDA has not approved corticosteroids for this use.

-After the injections, then an MRI is performed and it is revealed that the patient has a serious disc injury and is then told they may need surgery. Surgery can sometimes help a patient for sure, however there are many time sit does not and in which cases, the patient will worsen. Surgery is always there but should be last case resort.


Additional Information for Patients

-Failed back surgery syndrome (FBSS) is a real thing and for most patients, something they had never heard of before.

So before you go in for injections or under the knife for surgery, you may want to consider seeing a skilled practitioner of NSSD - Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression. This is a proven treatment and if it does not work for your condition, there are zero side effects. Decompression therapy works by applying a gentle force to gradually distract and pull the pressure off of the spinal discs that are being compressed and allowing the disc material to migrate back into its proper placement at the same time allowing oxygen, water and nutrients to repair and heal the disc as well as flush out the inflammation that is causing the pain.

Our office has performed over 24,000 spinal decompression visits over the last 15 years and we have helped thousands of San Diego residents return to normal life without injections or surgery, will you be next?

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