Spinal Decompression Treatment With DRX9000 In San Diego CA

Are you wondering if spinal decompression may be the correct choice for your pain and condition? If you are suffering from any of the following then you may be a great candidate for NSSD - Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression:

-Disc Bulges

-Disc Herniations

-Disc Protrusions

-Extruded Discs

-Disc Tear

-"Slipped Discs"

-"Ruptured Discs"

-Degenerative Disc Disease

-Chronic Neck Or Low Back Pain

-Spinal Stenosis

-Foraminal Stenosis


Like any other treatments or technology, not all Spinal Decompression is the same and we get patients every week that have undergone "spinal decompression" in other offices but then after not getting rid of their pain, discovered they were actually on "traction machines" that do not have the same technology that True Spinal Decompression Has. Spinal Decompression Treatment With DRX9000 In San Diego CA is the most advanced technology there is and the DRX9000 is the machine that was used in studies from The Mayo Clinic, Stanford University and Johns Hopkins University that revealed the extremely high success rates.

Technology alone does not guarantee success and there are several factors that will determine a pain free outcome.

1. Is the patient a good candidate for treatment? Not all patients are candidates but sadly, many offices will tell the patients they are as they do not have specific criteria to determine if it is a good fit for that individual. We have 4 specific criteria that every patient must meet to be considered for acceptance into our program as we are working to get the best outcomes possible for our patients.

2. Experience. There are some offices that have spinal decompression machines but that is not their main focus or what they specialize in. It is a treatment the "offer". Like any other specialty in medicine, it is highly beneficial to seek out a specialist and someone whose main focus is what you are seeking their expertise on.

3. Personal knowledge - does the doctor or specialist treating you have first hand knowledge of your condition? Have they also utilized the treatment and technology on themselves? Many doctors are unfamiliar with how their equipment works as they do not utilize the treatment on themselves and have a limited knowledge of protocols that are critical for successful outcomes.

4. Certification. Unfortunately, most doctors utilizing spinal decompression therapy are not certified in Spinal Decompression and are therefore operating out of a limited knowledge base.

Our doctor is specialist and Certified Spinal Decompression Doctor who has performed over 24,000 NSSD - Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression Treatments over the past 15 years and utilizes the DRX9000 machines only and has developed a unique protocol that involves specific criteria for acceptance into the program. He has been able to recover his own back from multiple fractures, disc herniations, disc tear and sciatica.

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