Spinal Decompression In Kearny Mesa CA

Have you been diagnosed with any of the following:

-Disc Bilge

-Disc Herniation

-:Slipped disc"

-Protruding Disc


-Degenerative Disc Disease

-Spinal Stenosis

-Foraminal Stenosis

-Facet Syndrome


-Chronic Neck Pain

-Chronic Low Back Pain

If so, then you may want to continue reading this. We are that we know of, the leading clinic in California for Spinal Decompression In Kearny Mesa CA and we have been providing pain relief for our patients for the past 16 years and have performed over 25,000 spinal decompression treatments and still counting.

Spinal decompression therapy is a highly successful treatment if the patient is a candidate for treatment and the protocols are implemented correctly. Not everyone will benefit form decompression and there are some patients who should not be on spinal decompression at all. For this reason, we have 4 specific criteria to accept patients for treatment. Spinal decompression has been and continues to be researched by Medical Facilities including Mayo Clinic, Stanford University and Johns Hopkins University. The research reveals great success rates for proper candidates.

If you are looking to avoid invasive procedures such as injections and back surgery then you may want to see if you qualify for treatment.


Call our office today at 619-298-0800 to learn more and see if you are a candidate for this highly successful treatment.

*Due to current demand, we are limited to the number of cases we can accept and cases are accepted on a first come basis regardless of referral from other doctors, neurologists, surgeons or patients. Thank you for understanding.

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