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If so then you have come to the right place. You are probably reading this if you are in pain and are searching for an alternative treatment to drugs, injections, physical therapy and surgery. You may have already tried acupuncture, massage and chiropractic adjustments but none of these therapies helped you. There is a common reason why typically. It is because those therapies are all concentrated on muscles and the joints but your pain is arising from the disc and the nerves. So until your pain is identified as to the origin, it will continue to be there.

Once it is properly identified then a thorough and proper treatment protocol needs to be implemented. There are 3 critical components to this.

1- Avoidance- the patient needs to be guided through what activities, movements and home therapies need to be avoided as that is actually more important than which to be implemented.

2- NSSD - Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression utilizing TRUE Spinal Decompression and not a traction device. The doctor should be decompression certified and have significant experience utilizing decompression therapy and an intimate knowledge of proper protocols as there are multiple variables that need to be considered for each patients settings and condition. If the pain is originating from a compressed disc, then the procedure needs to be to take that pressure off the disc and this is exactly what spinal decompression therapy does.

3. Stabilization - The surrounding muscles of the spine need to be stabilized and done so in a correct manner, timing and consistency are key along with proper muscle activation.

If you are considering spinal decompression therapy please be sure these 3 keys are addressed as outcomes are typically poor if not.Call our office today at 619-298-0800 to learn more and see if you are a candidate for this highly successful treatment.

Call our office today at 619-298-0800 to learn more and see if you are a candidate for this highly successful treatment.

*Due to current demand, we are limited to the number of cases we can accept and cases are accepted on a first come basis regardless of referral from other doctors, neurologists, surgeons or patients. Thank you for understanding.



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