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Are you looking for shooting leg pain help in San Diego CA?

With patients suffering with shooting leg pain, (AKA Sciatica or Sciatic Nerve Pain or Sciatic Pain )there are 3 keys that need to be addressed to identify where the pain is coming from and 3 key factors to correct the pain and get rid of it for good.

Discovering the source of the pain is a pretty straight forward process, however too many doctors and practitioners overlook these key factors.

1. Proper examination - all too often, patients get seen by a doctor or practitioner and the examination process is not specific and very generalized and believe it or not, often the physical examination is not even performed. The diagnosis is based upon only what the patient tells the doctor verbally and there are times when the diagnosis is based solely on the paperwork that is filled out. A proper physical examination is necessary to see what is prompting the pain, what structures are failing when tested, is it muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerves, discs, bones, what is happening when the body is tested and asked to move in certain ways?

2. Proper imaging tests performed and the importance or non-importance of these tests. There are times when x-rays and or MRIs are necessary to properly diagnose the condition. Was the patients involved in a trauma, fall, car accident? Was the pain just worsened over time, sudden onset of pain? Imaging tests are helpful but also not the end all to a diagnosis. Many times patients come into my office with x-rays and MRIs that either show a certain condition or they are deemed "normal" but the patients condition and examination reveal something other than what the images are revealing. Imaging studies are only a piece of the puzzle of what is causing the patients pain.

3. Listen to the patient. - What the patient has to tell me about their condition is extremely important and the questions I ask them based upon the initial information I receive is critical to determine why they are having the pain and how I can go about helping them.


3 Key factors to Correct the pain for good will be further discussed in another article due to its importance. We will go more in depth then, however here are the basic premise of the three factors.

1. Avoidance - what activities or day to day movements are contributing to the pain?

2. Proper treatment - there is no one fit all treatment for every patient, they treatment plan needs to be unique to the patient and dynamic as well as there are certain therapies needed to be performed at certain times.

3. Stabilization - once the pain is gone, there needs to be a specific plan to keep it gone.

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"Great friendly staff; the girls are very polite and on task!! Dr. Boelk is very professional, attentive to my lower back pain, and gave me very clear expectations about my treatment plan. The results have been amazing!!! I had tried many different treatments and nothing worked!! My normal life was interrupted with excruciating pain!! After the first few sessions, the pain subside to a minimum, I got my life back! I will continue my treatment plan at the Spinal Decompression and Chiropractic office with Dr. Boelk....  - Blanca Vivanco, Bakersfield, CA

"He is a great spinal doctor, and the best part he is an athlete also! He was able to really understand how to maximize my performance through taking care of my spine. Very professional atmosphere, and the recover tools they use are very innovative....

-Hannibal Smith, San Diego, CA

"Meeting Dr. Cassidy Boelk has been the best thing for the wellness of my back. As an emergency responder I rely on my back to help others. The pain I was experiencing had brought me to the thought of surgery and another round of guided shots. Dr. Boelk assured me that he could take this pain away. It took time since I still had to work carrying heavy weight but I stuck to the program and with time the pain went away. No more stabbing, throbbing or shooting pains in my back or down my leg." - Josh Tegardine, Temecula, CA




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