Severe Low Back Pain Relief In San Diego CA

Low back pain has to be one of the worst things to be struggling with and when the pain is sever, there is no walking it off or working thru it, it is not an option. Life stops the way you were used to it and you have to alter dramatically what you used to be bale to do ion a daily basis. Work, exercise, sports, time with friends and family, social activities, everything is significantly impacted! Continue reading if you want severe low back pain relief in San Diego CA

There are so many options to treat low back pain and so many opinions on what is the best thing to do, how do you know what to do and who to see? Pain medications, spinal injections, physical, therapy, massage therapy, chiropractic adjustments, surgery, cupping, acupuncture, how do you decide?
There are a couple factors that will help you decide.
1. How long have I had this pain for? This will determine how serious you may or may not take your pain and what you will do about it.
2. Is it only affecting you or lol those around you as well? Unless you are a hermit and live all alone and have not friends or family at all, then your pain affects everyone in your life to a certain extent. 
3. Have you had proper diagnostic testing and a thorough examination to determine the source of the pain? 
The first step is to see someone who specializes in severe low back pain and to help save you time, no, your family doctor does not specialize in this. They may see patients form time to time with severe low back pain but they do not specialize in it,. They see patients will a vast array of complaints and conditions. 
Find yourself someone who truly specializes in severe low back pain and has a significant amount of experience helloing these type of people and I wouldn’t rely on seeing a surgeon unless you want surgery. 
Our clinic director, Dr. Cassidy Boelk DC has spent that past 30 years developing, researching and refining the fastest and most repeatable techniques to get rid of the pain associated with severe neck and low back pain by treating the root cause of the pain in the first place. He has himself been able to fully recover from multiple sports injuries which led to sever low back pain. He ha been able to fully recover without injections, pain medications or surgery and remain very active still. He works out 6 days per week, surfs, plays golf and stil gets his skates on enjoying his favorite childhood sport, ice hockey.
He has seen patients from all over the United States as well as globally.  He is an extremely caring and thorough practitioner who holds multiple certifications and utilizes many different facets to get his patients better. 
Don;t take our word for it though. He is 5 star rated on over 200 reviews. Dr. Boelk utilizes methods that solved his severe neck and low back pain and disc herniations. Dr. Boelk holds the following licenses and certifications:


-Board Certified Doctor of Chiropractic

-California Licensed Doctor of Chiropractic

-Certified Spinal Decompression Doctor

-California X-ray Radiology Licensed Doctor

-Pain Free Performance Specialist

-The International Disc Education Association Member


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"I came in with extreme back pain, resulting in days were it was difficult to get out of bed.  There were moments where I would be walking and then my back would lock up.  I thought it was something I have dealt with in the past but this last the entire month of July.  I finally dedicated myself to finding the long term solution.  

‘I came to Dr. Boelk unsure about the process, but after he identified exactly what my ailment was, I felt confident that this was the long term solution I was looking for. I instantly felt better and Dr. Boelk kept encouraging me to trust the process and understand it will take time to feel 100%.  I am now pain free and honestly feel stronger, even a little taller.   I highly recommend you visit Dr. Boelk." - Ming T.


"I highly recommend Dr.Boelk to everyone who has issues with their back and neck. After 2 months of treatment I am feeling a considerable difference. Dr. Boelk's skills and experience are incredible. Especially I appreciate his "very cautious and attentive " approach to the health: no unnecessary adjustment and procedures. I am very grateful to Dr.Boelk for his knowledgeable and professional treatment." - Olga M.


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