Severe Back Pain Solution In San Diego CA

Severe Back Pain Solution In San Diego CA


5 Years of Severe Back Pain - Gone!

This great patient has been pain-free now for the past 2 months after dealing with lower back for 5 years. He told me today that he had tried almost every single thing you could imagine before coming into the office with no help and no pain relief at all.

He tried:
-Pain medications
-Physical therapy
-Chiropractic Adjustments

No Help! Just more frustration! He even told me that one of the therapists he saw told him he was making up his pain! Can you imagine the level of frustration he felt then!

We took Severino through an extensive examination, specific weight bearing x-ray analysis and went thru our history protocol making sure to ask the questions that bring us the keys to his diagnosis, treatment program and eventual pain relief.

Turns out this entire 5 years, Severino was suffering from a compressed disc and no one ever told him that.

No one had ever examined him the way we did.
No one ever asked him questions about his pain the way that we did.
No one performed a specific x-ray analysis like we did.
No one ever treated him like we did.
No one ever helped him with his pain - WE DID!

I say WE but it is really US!!!

US = teaming up with our patients to get the proper diagnosis, lay out an effective treatment plan and then partner with the patient to get the desired results - RID OF THE PAIN!!!

If you are suffering in pain and reading this, then we may be able to help. Your health affects you and everyone in your life. You owe to yourself to get help, you owe it to your family, you owe it to your friends. Get Help!!!

Call us at 619-298-0800 to find out if you can be helped today. Don't wait, do it now, don't push it off for another day!

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