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Sciatica treatments in Kearny Mesa CA that are effective, fast and affordable. We have been specializing in helping patients with sciatica for the past 16 years and ave performed over 23,000 treatments. This week alone we had 9 new patients with sciatica after only a handful of visits, 8 of 9 are significantly better and have less pain and 1 is starting to feel the improvements from our program.

With sciatica, the pain is unrelenting and severe and stops you dead in your tracks. This isnt something you can shake on your own and many treatments can actually make the condition worsen. There needs to be a well laid out and thoughtful plan if we are to quickly get the pain under control and keep the pain away.

First, what is the cause of the pain, why is there pain in the first place? If we do not have this answer than we are guessing and that is not a good start. Proper examination and question asking of the patient is critical to determine the why behind the pain, if we do not do this we are making a huge mistake.

Second, once the source of the pain is identified, then a plan of action needs to be implemented that includes removing the cause of the pain rather that focusing on the symptoms and utilizing drugs, injections and surgery as these are all treating symptoms rather than correcting the cause of the pain instead.

Thirdly, there needs to be a ongoing supportive plan to keep the pain from returning and stabilize the condition.

If all three keys are not addressed then even if you do get pain relief it will unfortunately be temporary and the pain will return. If you would like to find out more or schedule a consultation with our sciatica specialist, call the office today at 619-298-0800.

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