Sciatica Treatment Without Surgery In San Diego CA

If you are suffering with sciatica and want to avoid surgery then keep reading! We specialize in sciatica treatment without surgery in San Diego CA. There are a multitude of treatments that one can try besides surgery for sciatica. However we must first ask ourselves, why do I have this pain? How did it come about and what is causing it? This is the most critical question as it reveals the source of the pain which then eliminates 90% of the treatments that would be applied. The most common reason for sciatica is compression of a spinal disc and the most common is the L5-S1 disc followed by the L4-L5 disc.

We live in a gravity environment and over time, gravity compresses down on the bones in our lower back and this in turn puts excessive pressure on the spinal discs which can then "bulge" or "herniate" and sometimes tear and cause a "protrusion" which can all result in the disc pushing against the nerve which is then going to "pinch" the nerve and the result is the hot, burning, throbbing, tingling, shooting pain that is unrelenting and severe.

So, with disc compression being the cause of the pain, we have now narrowed down our choices of logical treatment. If we can figure out a way to decompress the tissues and pull the disc off of the nerve then we will have effectively treated the cause of the pain and the pain should subside, correct? Yes and no. This is not always the case as there are 2 keys that are still missing.

So key #1with sciatica is to find out the cause and if in fact it is compression of the disc then we first need to "decompress" the disc.

Key #2, we need to be sure to avoid activities and movements that are contributing and possibly causing the compression in the first place. For example, bending at the waist forward when we sit and when we rise from a chair. When we "flex" our spine forward this can further compress the disc and irritate the sciatica. Also, being careful as to the loads and or weights and exercises that we do is critical.

Key #3, Spinal Stability. Crucial to keeping the pain away is to have a strong and stable spine which is critical and each patients program will be unique to them. This topic needs a further discussion as it is highly important and commonly overlooked.

So, wherever or whomever you seek out for treatment, do yourself a favor and be sure that the above 3 keys are being addressed and importance place don each subject. Also, look to see that the doctor or practitioner giving you advice and treatment has extensive knowledge and experience in treating sciatica and not just handing out pills and medications or "popping" your back and hoping the pain will go away.


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