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We specialize in sciatica treatment and have been doing so for the past 16 years. At 16 years old I fractured my L5 vertebrae in 3 places and was able to recover non-surgically. I later then had a severe disc injury that resulted in horrible sciatica pain so I know the pain is unrelenting and terrible. This is why I specialize in this condition, it is a severely painful and frustrating issue to live with. There are critical factors in successfully correcting sciatica and allowing the patient to get on with their normal life and activities.

3 key factors are:

1. Identifying and avoiding daily activities and motions that are contributing to the pain. For example with sciatica when we bend forward when we sit or tie our shoes or pick something up off the ground, it causes compression of the disc and aggravates the pain. Avoiding spinal flexion (bending forward) is one of many avoidance factors that need to be taken into account when dealing with sciatica. We call these "spine sparing strategies".

2. Decompressing the discs - with sciatica, the spinal disc or discs get compressed and do not allow proper oxygen, water and nutrient flow into the disc along with accumulation of inflammation in the surrounding tissues. By decompressing the discs with the proper protocols we can dramatically aid the recovery of this condition. KEY POINT -Typically traction and inversion tables will worsen this condition.

3. Spinal strengthening - Proper strengthening of the abdominal and back muscles is critical in keeping the pain away and avoiding the cycle of relief, pain, relief, pain. This program is specific for each patient and is often overlooked by the doctor or practitioner and is a dis-service to the patient if not implemented properly.

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