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Sciatica is a very painful condition that occurs when the sciatic nerve gets inflamed and irritated. This nerve is a bundle of nerves that exits out of our lower backs and travels all the way down our leg and into our foot. Although this is a very painful condition it rarely causes permanent damage and anyone can get this condition. If you are looking for sciatica relief in Kearny Mesa CA then keep reading.

Sciatica risk increases when a person has the following:



-Poor nutrition


-Lack of Exercise

-Poor health in general

Sciatica is only a symptom of an underlying condition. Typically a herniated pr protruding disc that pinches and or contacts the sciatic nerve to cause the pain. Therefor the CAUSE of the pain must be treated rather than only the symptoms. Other causes can be:

-Compressed discs

-Annular Tears in the disc

-Degenerative Disc Disease

Most common symptoms of Sciatica are:

-Sharp, stabbing pain in either the buttocks and or down the leg or legs

-Numbness or burning down the buttocks or leg(s)

-Pain that worsens with movement

-Low Back Pain that is intense and sharp, stabbing

-Loss of balance and muscle strength in the legs

In order to properly diagnose the condition, a proper examination must be administered as well as possible x-rays and or MRIs. Sciatica can be successfully treated non surgically and without the use of injections and harmful drugs. We have been helping patients with sciatica for over 15 years. Call today for a consultation, 619-298-0800.


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