Sciatica Pain Relief In San Diego CA

Sciatica Pain Relief In San Diego CA


Sciatica is one of the most painful conditions a person can deal with and it is typically fairly constant pain that is unrelenting. Anyone who has had it knows exactly what I mean. Having suffered with sciatica myself before, it is extremely unpleasant and a huge interruption in your life. It is an impossibility to continue life as normal when you are suffering with sciatica.


It is a huge strain on relationships, financially and most importantly emotionally. I remember having nights when i cried myself to sleep, not because of the pain although it was intense but because of how dramatically it was affecting my life and my ability to play sports, workout and invest in my relationships with friends and family.


Sciatica Pain Relief In San Diego CA is here and available to you if you are serious enough to get help. Our office has been specializing in sciatica pain relief for the past 16 years and have successfully treated thousands of patients suffering with sciatica during this time. 


We do not utilize drugs, injections or surgery. We have a unique approach that incorporates clinically researched and highly effective spinal decompression therapy as one of the 3 components of our program. Developed after trial and error of multiple therapies and treatments, our program is proven highly successful and most importantly repeatable.


Not everyone is a candidate for treatment as we want to ensure to the best of our ability that our success rates remain extremely high. We utilize  4 main components to determine eligibility into the program.


  1. Condition - does the patient have a condition that we have successfully treated multiple times?
  2. Examination - a thorough and proper examination including physical exam as well as history with discovery of patients symptoms is necessary and of utmost importance.
  3. Spinal Stability - through specific x-ray examination, it is imperative that we ensure the patients spine is stable and can be treated.
  4. Proper Fit - we have to be sure the patient is emotionally able to be helped as there are some who depending on their outlook and emotional state are no able to be helped.


Don’t wait for someone to come and get you out of pain., you have to be your own advocate, our health care system is not designed to effectively treat this condition. 


*For a no-charge, no-obligation consultation call 619-298-0800, Due to demand, regardless of referral from orthopedic surgeon, neurologist, chiropractor or other doctor, patients are seen on a first come basis.



We are 5 star rated on over 200 reviews. Dr. Boelk utilizes methods that solved his severe neck and low back pain and disc herniations. Dr. Boelk holds the following licenses and certifications:


-Board Certified Doctor of Chiropractic

-California Licensed Doctor of Chiropractic

-Certified Spinal Decompression Doctor

-California X-ray Radiology Licensed Doctor

-Pain Free Performance Specialist

-The International Disc Education Association Member

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