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If you or someone you know is searching for sciatica pain relief in La Jolla Ca then yo may want to continue reading and also forward this article to them right away, it may be the answer they have been looking for.


We provide non-invasive procedures for patients who want to get pain relief form their sciatica but do not want to undergo injections, take pain medications, undergo surgery and are tired of not getting pain relief with other treatments. Physical therapy, massage therapy, acupuncture, acupressure cupping, chiropractic adjustments. Most of these treatments when dealing with severe sciatica do not provide much if any acting relief at all.


This is why we created our office 17 years ago, To fail in a much needed treatment that gets right to the source of the pain and is comfortable provides no side effects, has no downtime, is highly successful and been proven by Johns Hopkins University, Stanford University, Duke Medical Center and Mayo Clinic among others.


NSSD or Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression is our specialty treatment, we are experts and certified in spinal Decommpresison. Our office has provided over 26,000 treatments over the last 17 years and we are the largest rivière that we know of in San Diego as well as the estate of California for NSSD treatment.


Our patients travel from all over San Diego county as well as surrounding cities, states and Mexico as a well to seek out our clinic director and his expertise in dealing with sciatica and other disc related issues. 


His office is voted the #1 Spinal Decompression Office in San Diego and he holds multiple certifications including Certified Spinal Decompresion Doctor as well as Pain Free Performance specialist. He is extremely knowledgeable when dealing with spine issues and spinal stabilization protocols that are unique and specific as well as highly successful.



There will always be people in your life that support you and others who do not, some who think they know what you need to do but do not have a solution for your pain or problem. Listen to your intuition, give us a call if you feel this may be your solution, thousands of San Diego residents listened to theirs and are now pain free and extremely happy they didn't give up and they gave our office a call. 619-298-0800

"Dr Boelk is thorough, technical, and explains everything very well. Excellent bedside manner and all the staff are very nice. Decompression treatment is effective and I have no more neck pain." - Andre G.


"Dr. Boelk is professional and kind. He has the health of his patients as his top priority. The decompression treatments, exercises, and diet adjustments he recommended and administered have so diminished my back pain that I can sleep again. Chiropractic adjustments did not help my lower back. Decompression did. I highly recommend Dr. Boelk."- Steve R.

"There is not enough room to explain the relief Dr. Boelk has brought to me and my entire family. I found him after a year of sciatic pain. Couldn't play the sports I loved, no hockey, golf or surfing. The pain shooting from my hip to my left foot was to the point of unbearable. I had been visiting chiropractors since I was 18, temporary relief, but nothing consistent. Acupuncture helped a bit, physical therapy was unmanageable. I couldn't get a solid night's sleep and didn't care to go on. But Then I met the Dr! I tell people regularly, he saved my life.


 A change of life patterns but 110% worth every effort. I have since had my wife, daughter, mother, father and multiple friends and clients visit Dr. Boelk. All thanking me for the referral. Last one was my firefighting friend that had horrible sciatica. He is now on the recovery train.


So without a doubt, if you are on the verge of surgery, don't do it until you give this Dr a chance to examine you 1st. He is honest, he will tell you if you are beyond repair.


I trust him with my life and my back. So should you!" -Jayson Yavorsky


We are 5 star rated on over 200 reviews. Dr. Boelk utilizes methods that solved his severe neck and low back pain and disc herniations. Dr. Boelk holds the following licenses and certifications:


-#1 Rated Spinal Decompression Office In San Diego

-Board Certified Doctor of Chiropractic

-California Licensed Doctor of Chiropractic

-Certified Spinal Decompression Doctor

-California X-ray Radiology Licensed Doctor

-Pain Free Performance Specialist

-The International Disc Education Association Member




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