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We have been helping local San Diego residents get rid of their sciatica pain without drugs, injections or spinal surgeries for the past 16 years. Our sciatica pain relief clinic in San Diego CA has performed over 25,000 treatments and counting. Our typical patients has been suffering with their pain and it has completely changed their lives. They typically cant workout anymore, run, sitting hurts so they mostly stand or walk, sleeping is very challenging and some can no longer work! Most have had a story that goes something like this:

-They may have lifted a heavy object, twisted in a weird way, had to sit for a very long duration and then they started having this burning, shooting, stabbing pain in their back, gluteal muscle and or leg as well. They hoped it would go away but it did not.

-They went to see their primary doctor who did not really examine them, prescribed some pain medications and told them to come back in 2 weeks if that doesnt work.

-After the pain meds not working, they were then prescribed physical therapy. The therapy felt ok and sometimes they felt better, other times worse.

-Then they were given a spinal injection. This either didnt help at all, made the pain worse or they got some relief for a few days to weeks and then the pain returned. 

-Once this injection didnt work, they were told they may need 2 more and if that doesnt work, then they need surgery.

-Some patients long the way also tried chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy and or acupuncture, none of which provided any long-term help.

There is a specific reason why none of these treatments helped these patients.


The treatments were focused on the wrong structures. They were working on either the joints or muscles in the spine and not the discs, which is the source of the pain. With sciatica, the spinal discs get compressed enough that they push onto the sciatic nerve and that is the cause of the pain. So until the treatment focus on the correct structure, there will be no lasting change or pain relief. Surgery and injections focus on the disc but injections dehydrate the discs and surgery cuts the disc out. We want to "decompress" the disc as that is the main reason for the pain. Then there needs to be a plan to correct why the disc was compressed in the first place. Sitting too long, improper body mechanics, lifting techniques, weak core muscles etc.


Makes sense right. We cant fix a sciatic problem without proper planning, and treatment. There is no magic cure or pill or adjustment. Get a proper evaluation and treatment plan put into action that makes sense and has proven high success rates. Johns Hopkins, Stanford University and Mayo clinic have proven that NSSD, Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression is a highly effective treatment for patients suffering with spinal disc related issues. We have utilized the same exact equipment these studies were done with and have been continually updated and improving our protocols over the past 16 years.

If you would like to see if you are a candidate for Dr. Boelk's program, call the office at 619-298-0800 for a consultation. Due to demand, regardless of referral from family doctor, orthopedic or neurosurgeon, patients will be taken on first come basis, thank you for understanding.


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