San Diego Low Back Pain Relief


San Diego Low Back Pain Relief


Best Low Back Tip I know.....

If we can prevent the low back pain from happening in the first place then we can stay way of ahead of the game,
When we spend time in a seated position, the pressure within the spinal disc increases as much as 35% greater than when standing. 
Getting right to the source of the pain and resolving the reason the pain is there in the first place is our specialty. Let's look at what typically causes low back pain.

  1. The pressure within the spinal vertebrae becomes too great and the spinal discs that are located in between our spinal bones (vertebrae) get compressed.   2. This compression then causes the inner jelly-like substance of the disc to get pushed or "herniate" outwards.   3. This disc material then presses on the spinal nerves and causes pain.  

So here is what we want to do. The number 1 low back pain tip is 
WITHIN THE FIRST HOUR OF WAKING, DO YOUR BEST NOT TO SIT. Take a warm shower, go for a 15-20 minute walk, prepare some food, put away the dishes but try not to sit in order to avoid the discs from compressing and the muscles tightening up.
Do this for sometime and I bet it will make a HUGE difference for you. It has made a world of difference for my low back pain.

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