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Here's the deal with most low back pain, the reason it is there in the first place? 

  1. The reason the pain occurs is  an increased pressure within the spine that is too great for intervertebral discs in between our spinal vertebrae (back bones).     2. This pressure then causes the inner jelly like substance in the spinal disc to then leak           outside of the disc and “bulge” or “herniate” or “protrude”.     3. This inner jelly then presses upon the spinal nerves and this is the reason why we feel the          pain.   Therefore in order to achieve relief we need to then reverse the 3 steps above. So here is how decompression works. 1. We gently create a separation in between the spinal vertebrae which then allows the pressure to come off the spinal vertebrae.   2. This then allows the inner jelly-like substance to retract back off of the spinal nerves and stop the pain sensations from occurring. 3. During the spinal decompression the spinal discs are once again able to receive water, oxygen and nutrients to allow healing and repair to occur once again.   We then utilize spinal stabilization protocols that are proven effective and help prevent the pain from returning once again.  Some people find us online by searching something like San Diego Low Back Pain Fix The technology we use on our machines is advanced and this treatment is very different from traction or inversion tables. With the use of 3 computers on the machine with one of the computers monitoring the muscles in a positive feedback loop system 16 times per second to prevent the muscles from trying to tighten up.   For the past 18  years we have been specializing in helping patients with severe neck, low back pain and sciatica with NSSD. Our protocols are very thorough and unique and specialized for each patient in our office. Our Clinic director and founder, Dr. Cassidy Boelk DC is a certified decompression doctor who has significant experience and knowledge in treating sciatica. He is  also a certified Pain Free Performance and exercise specialist who utilizes his knowledge to create spinal stabilization in his patients so the pain not only goes away fast, it stays away.  
Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression is a comfortable, relaxing treatment that is highly effective. Researched and proven effective through Johns Hopkins University, Stanford University, Duke Medical Center and Mayo Clinic among others. The treatment works by creating a gentle separation between the spinal vertebrae and allowing the spinal discs to retract and remove the pressure on the spinal nerves which are causing the painful sensations. Once the discs are getting decompressed they are once again able to receive water, oxygen and nutrients that they were not able to receive when they are in the compressed state.   We are the largest provider of spinal decompression in San Diego that we know of as well as the state of California. We specialize in the following conditions for the past 18 years:   Chronic Lower Back Pain   Neck Pain   Herniated Discs   Slipped Discs   Pinched Nerves   Disc Bulges   Degenerative Disc Disease   Sciatica   Spinal Stenosis   Neuropathy   With over 30, 000 treatments performed we have significant knowledge of Decompression protocols and getting and keeping people out of pain, Decompression gets right to the source of sciatic and disc issues as it decompresses the pressure that is causing the pain. Our clinic director is a Certified Spinal Decompression doctor as well as a Certified Pain Free Exercise Performance specialist. He has learned significant techniques throughout the years with spinal decompression and he has tested many of his protocols on his own disc injuries from all the sports he plays. Our specialty is getting you back to your normal life, working, expecting, spending time with friends and family and enjoying life once again.   For a no-charge, no-obligation consultation call 619-298-0800,   *Due to demand, regardless of referral from orthopedic surgeon, neurologist, chiropractor or other doctor, patients are seen on a first come first serve basis.

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