San Diego Hip Pain

San Diego Hip Pain


If you're having tight hips and hip flexors and have pain while you walk, run or even in a seated position, then you may want to try this out.
It seems simple and it is but it works.
Guess what though, you can either completely waste your time on this one or you can make a significant difference depending on how you do this.
1. It needs to be done correctly.
2. It needs to be done consistently.
3. It needs to be done specifically.
Getting most out of what we are doing is important as well. We are all busier than ever these days and want to be efficient with our energy and time. 
To get the most out of it, do this:
So make sure you find the spot where you feel there is a good stretch, not pain, just a good stretch.  Key - you then need to HOLD that same spot for 30-60 seconds while you BREATHE. you then repeat with the opposite leg. 
1. I knee on ground, 1 leg bent in front.
2. Bend into the front leg while you keep your back straight until you feel a good stretch.
3. Hold it for 30-60 seconds, repeat both legs and do 2-3 stretches each leg.
*try not to "dump" forward into the front leg, keep your back upright.
Let me know if you have any questions, hope this helps

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