Quick Pain Relief for Sciatica San Diego CA

Are you having sciatica pain? Its no fun and hurts doesnt it? Puts a damper on life and activities for sure! If you are looking for quick pain relief for sciatica San Diego CA then you have come to the right place! We have treated thousands of patients with sciatica over the past 15 years and have been able to get patients lives back on track and in order without the use of drugs, injections, surgery or countless wasted trips for massage, physical therapy, chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture. 

There are some very important and overlooked components of getting someone out of pain quick. 

Dr. Boelk’s approach combines his own personal recovery from a broken back, multiple disc bulges and herniations, sciatica, whiplash, shoulder injuries, sprains, strains and far too many other injuries to mention here from his multiple years and thousands of hours spent playing and training in gyms, on baseball diamonds, football fields, basketball courts, ice rinks, mountains snowboarding and oceans surfing. He utilizes what he has learned that has failed and implements what has worked for him along with the thousands of patients he has treated.

Not all patients are the same so each patient gets a unique protocol based on their specific condition. Too many patients get treated the same way and thus they either do not get any relief or the relief they achieve is only short lived as the real true cause of their pain and dysfunction was never discovered nor addressed and therefore their pain returns immediately after stopping treatments.

Proper identification of the cause of the pain, appropriate treatment rendered including not overtreating are critical factors in the high success rates of Dr. Boelk. Stabilization and identification of aggravating factors and movements is crucial to maintain long-term relief and full enjoyment of life back to the patient. Dr. Boelk has helped thousands of patients both locally, nationwide, and around the world get pain-free.

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