Quick Back & Neck Pain Relief In San Diego CA

Quick Back & Neck Pain Relief In San Diego CA


“Y-Axis" or "Y Strap Adjustment" It is a very safe and effective adjustment that unlocks the joints in the neck and upper back area. It is very comfortable and results in less pain and more mobility upon completion.


There is no need to put a lot of force or pull into this adjustment, just a slight amount of pull does the job very well.


So many great benefits of adjustments. Just to name a few

1. Chiropractic adjustments restore proper motion within the spine that allow for a greater range of motion and a much greater amount of muscle activation not only in every day life but especially in workouts and exercise.

2. Chiropractic adjustments also significantly minimize the chance for injury and allow for maximum output and maximum cardiovascular activity by allowing the diaphragm to move properly which allows for maximum oxygenation into the lungs and therefore surrounding tissues.

3. Chiropractic adjustments also help significantly with posture and allow for proper spinal alignment which not only allows us all to stand straighter and look better but also research shows when our posture is improved our attitude and mental health is significantly improved as well. Don't miss out! Please seek out a well trained and professional doctor of chiropractic who does not over treat. Typically most of us can greatly benefit from even just A few adjustments and there is no need for long-term treatment plans whatsoever.

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