Pinched Nerve Help San Diego CA

What Is A "Pinched" Nerve?

Pinched Nerve Help San Diego CA
An actual "pinched" nerve is when the spinal discs compress enough to cause the nerve itself to be pushed or pressed upon or "pinched". This then causes pain and can be very uncomfortable.
The back pain, shooting leg pain known as sciatica, stiff neck or radiating arm pain could be attributed and most times is the exact result of a "pinched" nerve. Typically this is caused from a disc bulge, disc herniation or disc protrusion.
So if you are feeling this type of pain or issue, you certainly can take drugs or get cortisone or spinal injections (These are actually not FDA approved and can have serious side effects) if you want. However, if you want to correct the actual cause of the pain then I suggest you find a doctor properly trained, experienced and certified who is capable of decompressing your spine and then strengthening  and creating spinal stability so the "pinch" does not reoccur.
There are certain times if the pinch is minimal and pain minimal, it can subside on its own. However most times the pain will continue and can worsen and we can start having larger issues if not addressed properly.
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