Non Surgical Sciatica Treatment San Diego CA

Non Surgical Sciatica Treatment San Diego CA


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We are in our 19th year of providing NSSD, Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression, is a very relaxing, comfortable and successful treatment.   Developed by a team of engineers, it is designed to pull a specific amount of tension off the spinal discs that are compressed and causing your pain. When the discs are compressed they cannot get water oxygen or nutrients and the tissues are slowly drying up and degenerating. Hence the term Degenerative Disc Disease.   When we start utilizing spinal decompression therapy, the discs can one again receive water, oxygen and nutrients and we can begin the healing process to the discs and surrounding tissues and the patient then starts feeling better once again. We can then get them back into being active and strong and enjoying life much more.   Rated the #1 Spinal Decompression office in San Diego for many reasons. Here is a quick guide to finding the best office when searching for Spinal Decompression:   1. Does the office specialize In Spinal Decompression or is it just one of many multiple treatments they offer? We have seen many patients come from other offices who said they are specialists and experts in spinal decompression but only treat 3 or 4 patients a day on decompression.   2. Is the doctor or staff actually getting the patients on the treatments? Spinal Decompression is a specialized skill and requires daily decision making and protocols vary from person to person, it is not a one size fits all approach. Many patients come from different offices and inform us they were getting decompression but it was done by the staff and many times they are in pain when on the tables. The treatments should not be painful but feel good.   3. Is the doctor Certified? There are many doctors who are utilizing spinal decompression who are not certified. It is best to see someone who took the time and learned the process and is certified.   4. Do they have a good reputation and reviews that report the doctor and office and staff are looking out for the patient and there is a common theme of the doctor caring and wanting the best for their patients?   5. Experience? How long has the office been utilizing spinal decompression? How many sessions have they performed? You want to see someone who has a lot of experience and knowledge in their field when looking for spinal decompression offices.   Our office has been specializing in NSSD, Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression for the past 18 years. Everyday we perform 40-50 sessions. Every single decompression session is performed by our doctor and not our staff. He determines the settings and has unique protocols for each patient that is dynamic.   Our clinic director and founder, Dr. Cassidy Boelk DC is  Certified Spinal Decompression Doctor. You can look up reviews on him and the office here. Over the past 18 years he has performed over 30,000 spinal decompression sessions.   For a no-charge, no-obligation consultation call 619-298-0800,

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