Non Surgical Disc Herniation Treatment In San Diego CA

There are plenty of options for non surgical disc herniation treatment in San Diego CA. The question is, how do you find the correct type of treatment for your disc herniation and then which is the right office for you to go to?

Disc herniations can be a very painful and severe condition that can affect your life and all of those around you as well. It can sap the life and energy out of you and stop you from enjoying your life and activities you love. I know from first hand experience, I have had the "gift" of being injured several times and have had 3 separate disc herniations. Why do I say "gift"? Well without having those injuries happen to me, my life would most likely have taken a very different path and who knows how it would have turned out? I love the life that I have, the schedule that I have, the opportunity that I have everyday I am in the office to help others for a living and make a difference in peoples lives. It is what I was meant to do I have no doubt. With each "gift" or injury I have learned so much more about the body, my body and how to help others that have had the same injuries and specifically disc herniations.

I have been seeing patients for the last 16 years in my private practice and have had the pleasure of performing over 25,000 treatments and counting. I have been able to apply what I have learned on myself to help the patients in my practice and truly love doing what I do each day. I love working out and strengthening my body and mind and focusing on proper form, technique and spine stabilizing strategies to minimize pain and maximize function and daily life. I get the pleasure of applying these same strategies with my patients. I am constantly learning and know that each year I am a much better doctor that the year before as it should be, that's why it is called practice in the first place.

So, this is my take on what treatment is best for disc herniations and where you should go to get treatment.

1. Disc herniations need to be healed by allowing the disc the nutrients, water and oxygen necessary to heal.

2. Disc herniations need to have the pressure taken off of them so they can come off of the nerves that are causing pain.

3. Disc herniations need to have proper avoidance and stabilization techniques applied and the timing of each is crucial.

Where should you go for treatment?

1. A clinic that has experience in successfully treating your current condition.

2. A clinic that has a good reputation.

3. A clinic that has a doctor who has also undergone the same treatment they utilize and has first hand experience with your condition.

Also, use your intuition for what you should do and where you should go, trust your instincts and never give up hope of finding the solution for your pain.

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Dr. Boelk & his staff are by far the BEST at spinal decompression. I walked into his office unable to sit to do my job, where I was having to lay each day & within a couple of weeks he helped me with being able to sit again. His attention to you & the way he will make you feel is unparalleled. First of all, he has suffered from some severe back issues, so his empathy is very high. Secondly, he is extremely caring & genuinely wants to help people. I’ve never worked with a doctor who has cared as much and made me feel like I was his only patient before. There would be 4 people there at the same time, and he still made me feel this way. I guess I just cannot thank him enough & cannot recommend him enough. He is an angel on earth.

If you visit him, please listen to him & follow his instructions. He knows what’s best for you.

-- Eren T

I came in with extreme back pain, resulting in days were it was difficult to get out of bed.  There were moments where I would be walking and then my back would lock up.  I thought it was something I have dealt with in the past but this last the entire month of July.  I finally dedicated myself to finding the long term solution.  

I came to Dr. Boelk unsure about the process, but after he identified exactly what my ailment was, I felt confident that this was the long term solution I was looking for.

I instantly felt better and Dr. Boelk kept encouraging me to trust the process and understand it will take time to feel 100%.  I am now pain free and honestly feel stronger, even a little taller.   I highly recommend you visit Dr. Boelk.

-Ming T.


I found this terrific practice on social media. I followed up and did my own research so I decided to pay them a visit. The place is clean, well organized and run by a very efficient receptionist. I met with the doctor and after a honest and forthright conversation, we both determined that surgery was my only option to correct my back issues. I will return as a customer when the time is right.

-Jeff J.



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