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Shoulder Pain Relief

If you have stiff, tight and painful shoulders, try this...
1. Stand in front of a wall. Place your hand against the wall at a height that is not painful yet it is uncomfortable.
2. You are font to hold this position for 30-60 seconds while you breathe. Do NOT hold you breathe please.
3. You are then going to inch and "walk" your hand up the wall slightly until you get to the next height on the wall when the shoulder is uncomfortable, we can have some pain but we do not want severe pain at all. If this is the case then lower your hand down the wall until the pain is no longer severe. 
4. You will hold for another 30-60 seconds while breathing.
5. Do your best to get your hand as high as possible and do this 1-2 times per day. 
*It may take 4-5 days but most people find the pain starts to subside and they begin feeling better.

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