Neck Pain treatments In San Diego CA

Neck Pain Treatments in San Diego CA that work!

There are many options for neck pain treatments in San Diego but how do you choose which one to go to?

Here are a few tips that may help:

1. Is neck pain something that they specialize in treating or is it just on their long list of services they provide? Many clinics list a wide variety of conditions that they treat but many times in reality they do not specialize in this condition and may only get the occasional patient with this condition.

2. Proper examination and diagnosis. There needs to be a proper examination leading towards a proper diagnosis in order for any treatment to be successful. The pain source needs to be identified first. Many of our patients tell me they were not even examined by the doctors they saw prior to coming to our office and the ones who did get examined had a few tests conducted. Most of the time, patients come into se me and they have not had proper diagnosis as the exam process was skipped over all together or not thorough enough. Be sure to get a proper examination which may need to include x-rays and or MRIs.

3. How are the reviews for the office? Many places that I search these days for certain services have reviews. I don't mind seeing a few negative reviews here and there, it is going to happen, but there should be plenty of reviews that detail a good experience and outcome with that service in order to give me the confidence to go there myself.

4. Are the doctors certified in the techniques they utilize? One of the most utilized treatments for neck pain is spinal decompression therapy. I have had several patients thru the last 16 years come into my office who first went to another office for decompression therapy only to have the treatment not work. The doctor they were seeing did not have the proper experience and was not certified in the proper usage of the equipment. Many times the doctor was also using inferior traction devices and calling it decompression therapy. There is a huge difference between true NSSD, Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression and Traction. All the Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins and Stanford University research that reveals very high success rates for patients with disc bulges, herniations, sciatica, chronic neck and back pain were treated with True Decomprression Therapy and not traction.

5. How long have they been treating neck pain for? Be sure to go to a clinic that has a long history of helping people with your condition, you dont want to be a patient that is being learned on by a newer doctor.

We utilize only DRX 9000 True decompression machines in our office, we have 3 decompression machines in our office and we utilize 2 of these machines for the lower spine and 1 for the neck. Dr. Boelk is a decompression certified doctor who specialty is focusing on spinal decompression and he has performed over 25,000 treatments over the last 16 years. Dr. Boelk personally performs each treatment on every single patient he accepts into his program. Dr. Boelk utilized spinal decompression on himself for his multiple disc herniations as well as sciatica and he utilizes decompression now on a regular basis to keep his disc hydrated and in good condition so he cam stay active surfing, golfing working out and playing ice hockey still.

Hope this is helpful when trying to figure out who to call for help.

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*Due to current demand, we are limited to the number of cases we can accept and cases are accepted on a first come basis regardless of referral from other doctors, neurologists, surgeons or patients. Thank you for understanding.

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