Neck Pain Exercise San Diego

Neck Pain Exercise San Diego


Stiff and Painful Neck? Try This

Many times, stiff and painful necks are from having a forward head position and looking down too much during the day without taking the pressure off the neck and having something to neutralize the effects of gravity and strain on the neck.
So by doing this simple exercise, we can reduce the pressure within the spinal disc, joints and muscles. It should be non-painful, some slight discomfort is ok but not pain.
1. You are going to lie down on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat.
2. You are going to either take a rolled up bath towel or large hand towel or a cervical or a neck roll and place it underneath your neck more towards your shoulders. This should place your neck into a "curved" position with your head back over your shoulder and more in an ideal head position which places the least amount of stress and strain on your neck.
3. You are going to start with just 1-2 minutes this first session. You can work up by 30-60 second intervals each day until you get to 15-20 minutes. Please be sure to stop if it is painfu;l. It may take you 3-4 or even 5 weeks to get up to 15-20 minutes and that is ok. it will vary for each person.
Only utilize once per day and do it when you can relax and be calm if possible to feel the full effects. Please be sure to set a timer in case you fall asleep :)

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