Low Back Pain Specialist In San Diego CA

Low Back Pain Specialist In San Diego CA

90% of the population will suffer low back pain at one point in their lives. Some will only have minor pain that will subside on its own and never return and others will have severe and chronic bouts that dramatically affects the quality of their life. Why does low back pain affect so many? There are multiple reasons for this:

-Posture. Many people who suffer low back pain have poor posture which places extra strain on the back.

Solution: Sit upright, try standing more than sitting, bring your phone up to eye level rather than looking down at your phone. Try not to bend so much at the waist when sitting and standing up, keep your chest upright.

-Overweight. Being overweight places extra strain on the discs of the lower back which can add to the pain.

Solution: Try drinking 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water daily, do not eat closer than 2hours before sleep. Cut back on sodas and sugary drinks.

Excessive sitting. Our bodies were not designed to sit as long as they do. Sitting increases the pressure in our spines by 35% compared to standing or lying.

Solution: Start having phone conversations standing up. Get a stand up work station. Take daily walk of 20 minutes.

-Lack of exercise. Our bodies need to move and the discs in the spine need movement to get their oxygen, water and nutrients as well as to flush out inflammation. When we do not exercise, then the discs become less full of water and get compressed causing pain.

Solution: Daily exercise can be 30 minutes of a walk, swim, weights, doesnt have to be hard just needs to get done.

Sources of the pain in a low back can be discs, nerves, muscles, joints or a combination of all or some of these. It is extremely important that you get yourself examined properly to identify the source of the pain. This would include a history, consultation, specific examination, possible x-rays and MRIs and a doctor who understands low back pain, biomechanics of the back and has a knowledge of different conditions and solutions. Preferably a doctor who has experience and is not a newer doctor.

There are many places and factors to consider on who to see for your back pain. Be thorough in your research.

We utilize only DRX 9000 True decompression machines in our office, we have 3 decompression machines in our office and we utilize 2 of these machines for the lower spine and 1 for the neck. Dr. Boelk is a decompression certified doctor who specialty is focusing on spinal decompression and he has performed over 24,000 treatments over the last 15 years. Dr. Boelk personally performs each treatment on every single patient he accepts into his program. Dr. Boelk utilized spinal decompression on himself for his multiple disc herniations as well as sciatica and he utilizes decompression now on a regular basis to keep his disc hydrated and in good condition so he cam stay active surfing, golfing working out and playing ice hockey still.

Hope this is helpful when trying to figure out who to call for help.

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*Due to current demand, we are limited to the number of cases we can accept and cases are accepted on a first come basis regardless of referral from other doctors, neurologists, surgeons or patients. Thank you for understanding.


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