Low Back Pain Relief In San Diego CA

Low Back Pain Relief in San Diego CA


Core Stabilization is extremely important for anyone who has suffered with low back pain, disc injuries, disc herniations, sciatica etc. We do not want to build core muscles by crunching and flexing the spine. yes it can give you a six pack if you do enough but it will compress your lower spine and eventually lead toward low back pain and disc problems. There is another way to have a six pack if desired, create stability in the spine and decrease lower back pain with a different approach. This approach avoids spinal flexion as it compresses the disc in our spines. A broken L5 vertebrae at 16 years old and 3 disc herniations later, I have been on a journey to fix my lower back and pain myself. Here I share with you the techniques and tips that have worked extremely well for me and thousands of my patients over the years. I hope this helps you and you are open to new ideas.

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