Low Back Pain In San Diego CA

Low Back Pain In San Diego CA

Low Back Pain Tip

Keep Your Spine In A Neutral Position.
Avoid Bending Forward - Spinal Flexion.
Many of my patients that come in to see me because of low back pain have 1 thing in common. At one point or another they spent a lot of time in a flexed, forward bending position. This is not the sole source of their low back pain, however it is a very large contributor for sure.
When the spine is flexed forward, the spinal discs (shock absorbers) in between our spinal vertebrae (back bones) start to have increased pressure and eventually the discs can  "bulge", "herniate" or "protrude" and then our pain levels start rising rapidly.
So when you change position from standing to sitting and sitting to standing, keep that chest upright and avoid bending forward.

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