Low Back Pain Help San Diego

Low Back Pain Help San Diego 


Sit-Up Alternative 
Sit-ups Causing You Low Back Pain?
You are not alone, here;s why. When you do a sit up, your lower spine goes into flexion (forward bend) when this happens it compresses the spinal discs in the low back. The compression causes the nerves to be pressured upon which triggers the muscles to tighten and that equals PAIN! 
So we can alter that and still strengthen our core without the compression, here's how.

Modified Curl-Up This is a great one. 

It is not a crunch though. 
1. Lie on your back. One hand on your neck, same side knee bent. Opposite hand will be on your low back spine, palm down, opposite leg is straight. 
2. Keeping your low back curved, do not straighten your low back into your hand. Begin engaging your abdominal muscles by imagining there is rope attached to your chin that is lifting your face straight up to the ceiling. Do not bend your neck forward. Think there is a juicy orange under your chin that cannot get squeezed. 
3. Hold at the top for 5-10 seconds, breathe normal please. Do not hold your breath. 
4. Once you have completed 5-10 on one side with 5-10 second holds, then switch arm and leg positions and repeat. Always think quality over quantity. 
Only need to do one set of 5 -10 second holds and 5 to 10 repetitions. Also, best to do before a workout, rather than at the end.

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