Low Back Pain Help In San Diego CA

Low Back Pain Help In San Diego CA


If you have low back pain then you are going to want to see this


The #1 Best Thing you can do to start your day off right with low back pain. 


So within the first 45 minute to 1 hour of waking, we want to be aware of what we are doing with our body when we are having low back pain. When we sleep, our tissues have become stiff and rigid and tight and this causes us to move a little slower and feel some increased sensitivity to pain.


So when we are in a seated position, the pressure in our spine is increased by 35% compared to standing. So the absolute worst thing we can do for low back pain when first getting up is to be in a seated position for the first 45 minutes to 1 hour.


I understand, checking email, reading the paper, sipping on coffee but it is worth the change!


Our tissues are already stiff, tight and hyper sensitive to pain and compression. So then if we sit right away, we increase the pressure, we increase the sensitivity and then pain becomes more intense.


So here is what works better. Try this. This is what I do pretty much every morning of my life.


#1 Warm shower immediately upon rising. Even if  I am going to workout or even surf, I do this. It makes a large difference for me and many of my patients who do it.


#2 Walk for 10-15 minutes.


#3 Do some kind of activity that requires you to be standing versus seated. Fr me, I empty the dishwasher, clean up the kitchen and food prep for myself and family for the day.


Every time I do something other than this routine, I feel increased stiffness and pain and I don't feel nearly as good.


Try it out, it may take a few days or weeks to notice the change but I have ever met anyone who really did this and said it didn't help them.

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