Low Back Pain Help In San Diego CA

Low Back Pain Help In San Diego CA


If you are having Low Back Pain or just tight low back muscles, then this might be helpful.
Foam rolling can be a complete waste of time at best or can actually provide some great pain relief and loosen some very tight muscles when done correctly.
1. It works when done correctly.
2. It needs to be done consistently
3. It needs to be done specifically
So what I mean is this. Let's be sure we are getting the most out of the time we spend doing this. So make sure you find the spot where there is some significant tenderness and muscle tightness, you then STAY on that same spot for 30-60 seconds while you BREATHE. you then move to the next spot and repeat.
To get the most relief, roll out the following 2 body parts:
1. Gluteal muscles
2. Hamstrings
you are going to do 3 things
1. First roll out your gluteal muscles. You are going to roll back and forth over them making a mental note of where you feel the most pain, there most likely is 2-3, maybe 4 spots where it is pretty tight and possibly painful.
2. You will then go to one of those spots and keep the pressure on that spot for the next 30-60 seconds while you breathe, do not hold your breath.
3. You are then going to roll and find the next spot that is tight and or painful and do the same thing, Hold for 30-60 seconds while breathing. Then you will repeat steps 1-3 on your hamstrings. Be sure to do both sides and err on the side of moving slower and breathing deeper than faster movements and faster breathing.
Let me know if you have any questions, hope this helps!

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