Low Back Pain Help In San Diego CA

Low Back Pain Help In San Diego CA


Low Back Pain Tip

Spend less time in a seated position.
Average person spends 8 hours or more in a seated position every day.
This places a significant amount of tension on the lower back and the compression adds up and can start pushing upon the spinal discs and then create disc herniations and nerve pain such as sciatica, which is not much fun, I can tell you from first hand experience!
So..... get yourself a standing workstation, there are several, I use this one
It can make a huge difference, just try using it for 20 minutes a day, then add 10 minutes a day and eventually you can reduce your time seated by 50-75 % and I bet you back will thank you for it!!!
Be sure to get a standing padded mat as well:
* I have zero affiliation with these companies, there are several, these are just an option.

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