Low Back Pain Exercises In San Diego CA

Low Back Pain Exercises In San Diego CA


3 Step Low Back Pain Help

Many times with low back pain there can be pain resulting from compensation of loss of motion in nearby joints. In this case , the compensation is coming as a result of poor hip motion. The hips should allow for proper movement forward , backward, lateral bending and rotations. It is a ball and socket joint that should have all planes of motion but due to prolonged sitting , there can be substantial restrictions.

Try this:

1. Hip flexor stretch-on 1 knee, gliding back and forth to feel restricted spots or “sticking point”. Once found, hold that stretch 30-60 seconds, repeat 2x each leg.

2. Hip rotations- on all fours. Start by extending your foot backwards while keeping a bent knee. Then rotate your knee up and around in a circular motion. 5-10 repetitions each side.

3. Lateral lunges - feet facing forward, legs spread out 10-12 inches past shoulders. Try and keep church upright- lunge laterally into the hip slowly. Feel the hip loading. 5-10 reps each leg.

Do this once per day. It is quick and will help!


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