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Do you have back pain and are looking for fast, effective pain relief?

We have been helping patients for the past 16 years and specialize in helping people just like you! We have many patient here in Kearny Mesa getting fast back pain relief.

With back pain there can be many emotions involved, fear, hopelessness, frustration, anger, anxiety and many others. We have seen and see on a daily basis patients who had lost all hope and did not know where or what to do. They were getting no answers from their primary care doctors and were many times told to "just live with it".

There are multiple factors that can contribute to back pain, however there are a few that are very common with many patients we see.

1. Many of our patients are suffering from spinal compression onto their discs specifically.

2. They have not received proper diagnosis and doctors have either 100% relied on what the MRI's or x-rays have either revealed or not revealed. Proper physical examination is much more important than what imaging studies reveal.

3. Even when the diagnosis is correct, most treatments do not adequately address the issue causing the patient their pain and there is also either no or improper rehabilitation of the spine.

We are here to help when you are ready. We have performed over 23,000 treatments on patients and utilize the most updated proven pain relief procedures available today without the use of drugs, injections or surgeries.


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