Kearny Mesa CA Sciatica Pain Relief

Kearny Mesa and surrounding San Diego residents are getting significant sciatica pain relief without the use of drugs, injections, surgery or multiple chiropractic adjustments that never get rid of the sciatica. Kearny Mesa CA sciatica pain relief is fast, effective and affordable. We have been specializing in helping patients with sciatica for the past 16 years and have performed over 23,000 treatments. Our staff is specifically trained to help our patients heal as fast as possible and keep the pain away for good.

There is an ever frustrated group of patients who are not getting the pain relief they need with traditional medical treatments and we are here for them. With our approach and technique to find the reason and cause behind the pain and our 3 key factors to address the pain, we have very high success rates with our patients. Not everyone is a candidate for treatment and we screen out patients thoroughly before they may be accepted for treatment.

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*Due to the current high demand for consultations, we will accommodate you as fast as possible. If you are traveling from out of town, please be sure to check flights and hotels that may be affected due to COVID-19.


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