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Are you looking for sciatica pain relief in Kearny Mesa CA? We specialize in providing the most effective, fast and up to date non-invasive pain relief for sciatica. We do not utilize invasive procedures such as injections, surgery or drugs. Our treatments are gentle, effective and have been proven successful over 23,000 times in our clinic and in research articles by Stanford University and Johns Hopkins.

With the focus of traditional and invasive procedures being treating the symptoms only, our approach focus is to find out the why behind the pain and treat the cause. In order for pain to be relieved and stay away, there needs to be a logical and well laid out plan that involves more than just treating symptoms. Having had severe sciatica myself in the past and treating it with our methods, I have been able to keep it away and live a very active life playing hockey, golf, surfing and working out several days a week.

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