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If you are in pain from a disc herniation and are looking for disc herniation treatment in La Jolla Ca then you may want to consider reading on. Our office specializes in pain relief for disc herniations and we have been helping people get rid of their pain without the use of drugs, injections or spinal surgery. Most of our patients have been suffering with their pain and many have tried physical therapy, massage, cupping, acupuncture, acupressure, chiropractic adjustments and unfortunately none of the treatments really helped much at all and they are still dealing with considerable pain.
It can be utterly frustrating and hopeless at times as the pain impacts everyday life, esports, workouts, exercise, social events, physical intimacy, lost income and lost work and general hard times when dealing with this severe pain.
We get straight to the root cause of the pain so we can get pain relief as as fast as possible. Combined with our unique and individualized treatment protocol developed and researched over the past 20 years by our clinic director and founder, Dr. Cassidy Boelk DC, our treatments are comfortable and highly effective.
We include protocols researched and proven successful by Johns Hopkins University, Stanford university, Duke Medical Center and Mayo clinic among others. NSSD, or Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression is a computer assisted treatment that creates separation between the spinal vertebrae (back bones) which allow the spinal discs to have the pressures that have been causing the pain relieved. This then allows water, oxygen and nutrients to get back inside the spinal discs aiding in healing the disc and relief of the pain.
Combined with specialized spinal stabilization protocols, we can they create stability within the spine so the pain does not return. Dr. Boelk DC not only holds a certification in Spinal Decompression but he also is a Pain Free Performance Specialist Certified doctor. his knowledge and background of spinal rehabilitation and exercise protocols are unique and add to the overall success rate with which he is able to create within his office.
There is a reason patients drive and fly from all over San Diego county as well as from out of state, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Alaska, Mexico and Spain to see him.
We are ranked #1 office in Spinal Decompression in San Diego and to our knowledge the largest provider of spinal decompression in the states of California. We have 3 machines that are non-stop booked and not the patient first , working to get them out of pain as fast as possible and treat every patient with respect and kindness in the difficult time they are experiencing with the severe pain.
Frustrations are high for many patients who have maybe tried various treatments with no relief, pain medications, spinal injections, physical therapy, acupuncture, massage therapy, cupping, chiropractic adjustments and some surgery. This is why we take you by the hand, explain the entire process and perform a very thorough assessment to be sure you are a good candidate for treatment to ensure the best results possible. Unfortunately not everyone is a candidate and we take your health very seriously and never treat anyone we don't think we can help.
"Very nice Dr. and Honest ! I would definitely recommend anyone who hasn't had metal put in there back in a surgery to go to him and give his program a shot. I believe it would definitely help. Just not in my personal case. As I have a lot of hardware in my back. But I'm glad I took the time to meet with him. It was very informative all around." - Toni W., Lake Elsinore, CA
"I decided to see Dr. Boelk after a pretty gnarly motocoss neck injury. At the Hospital I was at, I felt I was getting pressured into a surgery which I refused. A friend of a friend referred him after Dr. Boelk successfully treated his broken back.

Dr. Boelk is a compassionate individual who truly cares about his patients. He looked at my MRI images, explained what he saw and potential routes for recovery. He could not treat me as I have to wait until the fracture in my neck heals, but the level of professionalism, compassion, caring and knowledge displayed by him was exceptional. He also recommended to seek an additional opinion form another neurosurgeon. My experience was that he really cares and he's not someone who would take advantage of the situation someone's in (unlike some other doctors). I will definitely be back and already recommended him to others as well! Thank you Dr. Boelk!-- Jan H.
With thousands of hours of clinical experience, over 26,000 treatments performed and multiple certification, including Spinal Decompression Certified Doctor, Dr. Cassidy Boelk, DC is an expert in Spinal Decompression therapy as well as spinal rehabilitation.
Our decompression machines are the most advanced available and although they are great machines, it is how we utilize the machines as well as the before and after procedures and patient education process we utilize to reach the highest success rates possible. Unfortunately we have received hundreds of patients through the years that said they had been to other offices and "tried spinal decompression" but it did not help. We have seen the top reasons for that are the following:


1. The doctor performing the therapy was inexperienced and did not provide the proper settings and protocols.


2. The machines used were inadequate and too basic to provide the needed technology to provide a successful outcome.


3. There was a lack of a full pre treatment along with post treatment and a huge component of successful outcomes was neglected, spinal stabilization.


There will always be people in your life that support you and others who do not, some who think they know what you need to do but do not have a solution for your pain or problem. Listen to your intuition, give us a call if you feel this may be your solution, thousands of San Diego residents listened to theirs and are now pain free and extremely happy they didn't give up and they gave our office a call. 619-298-0800



"Dr Boelk is thorough, technical, and explains everything very well. Excellent bedside manner and all the staff are very nice. Decompression treatment is effective and I have no more neck pain." - Andre G.


"Dr. Boelk is professional and kind. He has the health of his patients as his top priority. The decompression treatments, exercises, and diet adjustments he recommended and administered have so diminished my back pain that I can sleep again. Chiropractic adjustments did not help my lower back. Decompression did. I highly recommend Dr. Boelk."- Steve R.



"There is not enough room to explain the relief Dr. Boelk has brought to me and my entire family. I found him after a year of sciatic pain. Couldn't play the sports I loved, no hockey, golf or surfing. The pain shooting from my hip to my left foot was to the point of unbearable. I had been visiting chiropractors since I was 18, temporary relief, but nothing consistent. Acupuncture helped a bit, physical therapy was unmanageable. I couldn't get a solid night's sleep and didn't care to go on. But Then I met the Dr! I tell people regularly, he saved my life.


 A change of life patterns but 110% worth every effort. I have since had my wife, daughter, mother, father and multiple friends and clients visit Dr. Boelk. All thanking me for the referral. Last one was my firefighting friend that had horrible sciatica. He is now on the recovery train.


So without a doubt, if you are on the verge of surgery, don't do it until you give this Dr a chance to examine you 1st. He is honest, he will tell you if you are beyond repair.


I trust him with my life and my back. So should you!" -Jayson Yavorsky


We are 5 star rated on over 200 reviews. Dr. Boelk utilizes methods that solved his severe neck and low back pain and disc herniations. Dr. Boelk holds the following licenses and certifications:


-#1 Rated Spinal Decompression Office In San Diego

-Board Certified Doctor of Chiropractic

-California Licensed Doctor of Chiropractic

-Certified Spinal Decompression Doctor

-California X-ray Radiology Licensed Doctor

-Pain Free Performance Specialist

-The International Disc Education Association Member



 He truly cares for all his patients and gives them the bets he can to get them out of pain and avoid spinal surgery.

“My name is Lynn. I am from Alaska, and I just want to say it was totally worth taking a trip to go to the Spinal Decompression & Chiropractic Center of San Diego. I was having pain radiating down my legs, I couldn’t sleep, I could barely walk.


After treatment I am back to shoveling snow, teaching school, taking walks. So, I just want to thank Dr. Boelk and the clinic, you guys are wonderful, and you have created such a wonderful, friendly, kind and truly caring atmosphere. I highly encourage anybody that might be considering spinal decompression therapy, it really makes a difference.”

-Lynn C.


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