Disc Herniation Treatment In Kearny Mesa CA

Disc herniation treatment in Kearny Mesa CA that works and is fast and effective!

A disc herniation can be a very painful injury that is a difficult process to fix unless it is properly treated and done in the correct sequence of treatments.

A disc herniation occurs when the jelly like substance inside of the disc gets compressed enough to push to thru the tougher outer layers of the disc and push upon a nerve which then causes the pain. In this situation there are 2 options for treatment.

1. Mask the pain using drugs, injections or also cutting out the disc with surgery is an option.

2. Resolve the pain and treat the cause of the pain rather than just treating the symptoms.

NSSD or Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression treats the cause of the problem by addressing the compression of the disc. It allows the pressure to come off of the disc, allows water, oxygen and nutrients to heal the disc and stop the pain rather than mask it.

Not all patients are candidates and there is 4 specific criteria we use to determine acceptance into our program. Our success rates are very high and the treatments themselves feel great.

We are currently on a wait list for treatment, if you are interested call today and we can see if you are a candidate and place you on the list if so.


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