Disc Herniation In Kearny Mesa CA

Do you have a disc herniation? It is a very painful and debilitating condition to have and needs to be treated swiftly and properly.

It is extremely common for these conditions to be able to be fully resolved and the patient get back to their regular activities however that can only be done if the proper sequence of treatment and rehabilitation is performed. Consistency is the key with these conditions and every patient is different and needs to be treated individually in order to get the pain relief and activity levels back to where they were before the injury.

If you have a disc herniation in kearny mesa ca and you are looking for help without the use of drugs, injections or surgery then we may be able to help.

We have 4 specific criteria that need to be meet in order to accept your case and ensure the best possible outcome we can achieve. Our office has treated thousands of disc herniation patients over the past 15 years successfully.


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