Disc Bulges In San Diego CA

What should you do if you are suffering from disc bulges in San Diego CA?

Many people have heard of a disc bulge before as well as "herniated discs", "slipped disc", "ruptured disc" , they all equal one thing for most people. severe pain! They are all describing a condition where the little "shock absorbers" between the bones in our spine get compressed and place pressure on a spinal nerve and also can have a chemical release of pain when this condition occurs. Typically patients will experience symptoms such as dull or sharp low back or neck pain, stabbing pain, shooting or throbbing pain in either the buttocks or legs, known as "sciatica" or "sciatic pain", radiating arm pain as well as other similar symptoms.

Why do these discs compress and bulge in the first place? There are multiple factors such as:


-Poor posture



-Lack of exercise

-Excessive sitting

-Sports Injuries

Treatments: There are a variety of treatments for this condition and all doctors would agree that whenever possible, surgery last, strat with the least invasive procedures first. However for many patients, the traditional treatments will not help such as:

-Pain Medications

-Physical Therapy


-Chiropractic Adjustments


-Massage Therapy

This is the list along with possibly surgery that most of our patients have tried with no relief before they come into our clinic. We approach this condition in a different way and that is typically why we are able to help our patients when all other treatments have failed. There are several key important factors that need to be addressed with these conditions that are too often overlooked and therefore that leaves the patient still in pain and not any closer to resolving their condition.

A unique approach with each patient is important as everyone's case is unique. Our office has been specializing in these conditions for over 15 years and have treated thousands of patients successfully. I myself have suffered from multiple back injuries and disc bulges and utilize all that have learned on a daily basis to help our patients. Call for a consultation today at 619-298-0800 if you are looking for a different approach and to finally getting rid of your pain!


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