Disc Bulge Treatment In Kearny Mesa, CA

Disc Bulge Treatment In Kearny Mesa, CA without the use of drugs, injections or surgery.

A disc bulge can occur in all ages at any time but there are a few factors that can dispose one to having a significant disc bulge that requires treatment.

A disc is the cushioner between the bones (vertebrae) in our spines. It is mainly made of water and a cartilaginous substance. There is an outer part of the disc called the "Annulus Fibrosis" and an inner part called the "nucleus pulposus". It is kind of like a jelly filled donut, if the jelly leaks out of the donut it can push on delicate nerves and cause severe pain.

Disc bulges affects people in their 30-50s more than other age groups but younger and older patients also can suffer from disc bulges. Sharp, shooting, stabbing intense pain in either the lower back, neck, buttocks or shooting down an arm or both or leg or both can be symptoms of disc bulges. Muscle spasms, leg cramping and throbbing pain can also be signs of a disc bulge.

Here are some steps you can take to try and avoid this condition and or get relief if you already are suffering from a disc bulge:

-Stand more than sit, sitting loads up our spines 35% more than standing and compresses the discs in our lower spines.

-Park farther away from where you are going and walk stairs instead of taking elevators when possible. Walking helps to unload the spine.

-Stay hydrated, drink plenty of water, 1/2 your weight in ounces per day.

-Stand up straight and when seated, sit up, slouching also compress the discs and places uneven loads on the spine.

-Exercise is important as well.

-Spinal stability exercises are extremely important as well.

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