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Disc bulges are painful conditions that left untreated properly can become a chronic and debilitating condition that will worsen over time. Disc bulges occur when the "gel" portion inside the disc gets compressed enough that it finally pushes against a nerve typically in either the low back or neck. This then can cause any combination of the following symptoms located in either the neck, low back, shoulder area, hip area, buttocks and or down 1 or both arms or legs:

-Sharp Pain

-Shooting Pain

-Stabbing Pain

-Throbbing Pain

-Dull aches

-Radiating pain down arms or legs

-Piercing pain in the buttocks

These symptoms can put a halt to work, sports, fun and family time. Most people who suffer a disc bulge will turn to getting rid of the symptoms right away but that will only worsen their condition in the long run as the cause of the problem did not get resolved. The cause is typically "compression" of the spine. Sitting, gravity, work, sports, workouts all cause a certain level of compression and over time the disc get compressed.

There are 3 keys to successfully eliminating and resolving the cause of a disc bulge.

1. Avoidance - of the activities that are aggravating the condition. This typically means, avoiding bending at your waist (spinal flexion). Too often people with disc bulges do a lot of yoga and stretched that involves lots of bending and although at the time it can feel good, it further compresses the spine and worsens the condition.

2. The tissues that are compressed need to be decompressed. Proper spinal decompression protocols are critical and an experienced doctor well versed in spinal decompression is the most critical factor to resolving disc bulges successfully. Make sure you consult with a doctor that uses actual "spinal decompression" and not traction equipment, there is a huge difference that doctors utilizing traction equipment will not tell you. The difference in the capabilities of the equipment is remarkable. A Honda civic and a Porsche are both cars but significantly different in their capabilities, same with traction and true spinal decompression machines.

3. Proper spinal rehab and stabilization is a must! This is often completely ignored by many doctors and equally important. Be sure to find a doctor that is well versed and practices what they preach.

As the owner and treating doctor at The Spinal Decompression & Chiropractic Center of San Diego, Dr. Boelk loves helping patients get pain-free as fast as possible. He is a Licensed and Board-Certified Doctor of Chiropractic who is also Certified in Spinal Decompression Technique & Protocols. He has personally recovered from a broken back, 3 herniated and bulging discs and a variety of other sports related injuries.

He specializes in helping patients with chronic neck & back pain as well as patients with disc bulges, disc herniation’s, sciatica and degenerative disc disease. For over 15 years, Dr. Boelk has treated countless patients & has performed over 20,000 decompression sessions on patients who have tried everything else and been unable to get rid of their pain.

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