Disc Bulge Pain Relief In Kearny Mesa CA

Having pain from a disc bulge is one of the worst types of pain possible. It can literally debilitate you and stop you in your tracks, take your breathe away and drop you to your knees at times, literally. I know the pain all too well. I have had 3 disc bulges in my lower back from sports injuries on 3 separate occasions and they are mot much fun! I have learned some key factors to fixing up disc bulges fast from my own first hand experience and the 15 years of specializing in disc bulges.

If you are looking for disc bulge pain relief in Kearny Mesa CA then you may want to continue to read further. We are the largest provider that we know of in southern California of specializing in disc bulge treatment. Most of our patients are local from the surrounding San Diego area and we have many that come from out of town to seek out relief where other treatments have failed. Most of our patients come to see us after they have tried the following treatments with no real relief:

-Physical Therapy

-Chiropractic Adjustments

-Pain Medications



-Spinal Injections

-Spinal Surgeries

The reason for many of these treatments not providing the pain relief desired is 3 fold.

1. The patient was not counseled with proper avoidance guidelines. Meaning no one explained to them how to move their bodies throughout the day and identifying what types of movements and or exercises are actually making their condition worse!

2. The actual cause of the pain was not properly addressed. With a disc bulge, there is pain typically because the spine and disc is compressed and being squeezed by the spinal bones. When this is the case, then we want to remove the cause of the pain, the compression. Therefore with these types of patients, we will utilize NSSD Therapy, Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression.

3. Proper spinal stabilization was ignored. This is crucial that the spinal muscles be able to hold up the weight of the patients upper body to avoid all of that weight pushing down on the discs and causing the pain to re-occur.

We have performed over 23,000 treatments of Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression over the past 15 years and are here to help. Call the office today at 619-298-0800 if you would like a consultation with our disc bulge specialist.

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