Our patients back pain, neck pain, herniated discs, sciatica and other pains are not able to be paused due to the current situation and are not taking a break and neither are we. We are in the office Monday - Thursday 12:00pm - 7:00pm treating patients. We are pre-screening all patients to be as safe as possible as well as taking extensive cleaning steps.

Our clinic is extremely clean and dis-infected literally all day long. Come on in and we will get you feeling better in an extremely clean environment.

We have always kept an extremely clean office and environment and wanted to update you on a few items.

1. We are wiping each table after every use in the office currently to be even more diligent in our sanitizing procedures.

2. We have 4 separate waiting areas as well now implemented to minimize any associated risk.

3. We have a professional cleaning service that cleans every night in addition to what we are doing all day long and in the morning before the first patient comes in.

4. All of our patients know that should they have a cold, flu to stay home until they are 100 % healthy.

5. Myself and my only staff member, Analy are constantly wiping and cleaning the entire office and we will continue to do so. Both of us are in excellent health as well :)

6. We are pre-screening patinets to come into the office. You can rest assured we will not allow anyone in our office with symptoms and we will keep the office as clean and safe and healthy as always. I spend more time here than my house so I will continue being extremely diligent in taking care of this office -"house".

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