Best Severe Back Pain Relief In Kearny Mesa Ca

Severe back pain can stop the best of us in our tracks and prevent us from living life fully. Read if you are looking for the best severe back pain relief in kearny mesa Ca

When back pain goes past 3 weeks it becomes chronic back pain which can start to alter our sensations causing even just light touch on our backs to cause significant pain. The longer your back is in pain, then the longer its going to want to stay that way. The opposite however is also true! The longer your back is strong and pain-free, the longer it will stay strong and pain-free!

Seeking out proper pain relief that is diagnosing the source of the pain and a solid and realistic plan to get rid of the back pain is extremely important and critical in these situations. Waiting to see if the pain will go away can be a never ending path that leads to months and even years of back pain that could then lead to back surgery and then further pain and issues.

The worst thing you can do for back pain is to sit and rest and not move at all as that will cause an increase in pain and continue the cycle of pain.

3  Back pain tips:

1. Take short 15-20 minute walk 2- 3 times per day on a flat surface, sometimes the pain will worsen before it gets better but this can help immensely.

2. Try to avoid heat and try ice for 20 minutes at a time in a 1 hour period, never ice directly on the skin. The ice can decrease inflammation and help block the pain.

3. Use a foam roller if you can and roll onto your gluteal (butt) muscles to release tension and tightness that can assist in lowering the back pain. You can also use a tennis ball in a standing position to do this if it is too difficult or painful to use a foam roller.

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