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If you are suffering from sciatica pain and are looking for help then you are reading the best thing regrading your pain so far. The burning, shooting, stabbing unrelenting pain in the butt muscles, though and possibly shooting into your calf muscles cannot wait to get help. Best sciatica pain relief in San Diego CA.


Most of our patients have been dealing with this painful condition for 6 months or longer and some 2,3 or even 5 - 10 years. They have tried very treatment they know of and can imagine and still no help. Some have sadly resigned themselves to a life of constant pain and have altered many sports and activities they used to participate in they can no longer dine so because of their pain. Social life and friendships and family relationships have severely suffered because of their condition. 


When you are in severe pain, it is not just your life that gets altered, it literally affects everyone around you. They have to modify their expectations reliance and interactions with you because of your condition. Wives, children, friends, co-workers, brothers, sisters, act all have to modify and your relationships with these people are not the same and unless you get help will never be the same. So we may get lost all together if you do not get the help needed.


It took me awhile to realize this when I was suffering with my sciatica and there were certainly times I wanted to give up but I could not accept that I would permanently have this sever pain. My relationship with my wife and children were being more and more impacted and my frustration levels continued to grow.


One day I woke up and realized something extremely important and I had to call myself out on something. I wasn’t giving my full attention to my condition and that was actually extremely selfish of myself and here’s why.


I did not have the right to give up and let my family suffer because I did not figure out how to get rid of my condition and improve my relationships with them. I owed them that, my full health in order to truly connect and experience life to its fullest with them. At my worst, I was a shadow of my old self. I was completely depressed, angry, un interested in social events and activities and did not want to pay with my kids in anyway as it caused my pain to intensify.


I was no longer able to workout or play sports, my body and muscle mass had completely changed and I had lost almost 30 pounds of muscle. I no longer liked the way I looked in the mirror or myself as a person. There were nights I cried myself to sleep.  


I decided then that I was going to do whatever i tool to get myself healthy and out of pain again no matter what it took. I have learned an numerous amount of knowledge along the way.


So, I am here to encourage you and say this to you in a caring and loving manner. Get up, take responsibility for your condition, stop relying on others and doctors to find a solution for you. Most don’t have one for you at all, if they did you would have found it by now and would not be reading this article. You have to be your own advocate, you have to fight for yourself and your friends and family, you can’t just accept this pain and olive with it any longer, you need to do something about it and now.


Not tomorrow, not next week not next month, now! Call our office and or fill out our form and get some help, stop waiting for someone else to solve this for you, no one is going to, its up to you!


We have the best non-surgical, non-drug and zero side effects program in San Diego that we know of and possibly in all of California or the country for that matter.




For a no-charge, no-obligation consultation call 619-298-0800, Due to demand, regardless of referral from orthopedic surgeon, neurologist, chiropractor or other doctor, patients are seen on a first come basis.



"I came in with extreme back pain, resulting in days were it was difficult to get out of bed.  There were moments where I would be walking and then my back would lock up.  I thought it was something I have dealt with in the past but this last the entire month of July.  I finally dedicated myself to finding the long term solution.  

‘I came to Dr. Boelk unsure about the process, but after he identified exactly what my ailment was, I felt confident that this was the long term solution I was looking for. I instantly felt better and Dr. Boelk kept encouraging me to trust the process and understand it will take time to feel 100%.  I am now pain free and honestly feel stronger, even a little taller.   I highly recommend you visit Dr. Boelk." - Ming T.


"I highly recommend Dr.Boelk to everyone who has issues with their back and neck. After 2 months of treatment I am feeling a considerable difference. Dr. Boelk's skills and experience are incredible. Especially I appreciate his "very cautious and attentive " approach to the health: no unnecessary adjustment and procedures. I am very grateful to Dr.Boelk for his knowledgeable and professional treatment." - Olga M.


"Dr. Boelk & his staff are by far the BEST at spinal decompression. I walked into his office unable to sit to do my job, where I was having to lay each day & within a couple of weeks he helped me with being able to sit again. His attention to you & the way he will make you feel is unparalleled. First of all, he has suffered from some severe back issues, so his empathy is very high. Secondly, he is extremely caring & genuinely wants to help people. I've never worked with a doctor who has cared as much and made me feel like I was his only patient before. There would be 4 people there at the same time, and he still made me feel this way. I guess I just cannot thank him enough & cannot recommend him enough. He is an angel on earth. If you visit him, please listen to him & follow his instructions. He knows what's best for you. " - Erin T


We are 5 star rated on over 200 reviews. Dr. Boelk utilizes methods that solved his severe neck and low back pain and disc herniations. Dr. Boelk holds the following licenses and certifications:


-Board Certified Doctor of Chiropractic

-California Licensed Doctor of Chiropractic

-Certified Spinal Decompression Doctor

-California X-ray Radiology Licensed Doctor

-Pain Free Performance Specialist

-The International Disc Education Association Member

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