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Do you suffer from lower back pain?

Millions of Americans suffer everyday needlessly from lower back pain because of 3 critical factors that get overlooked.

They get frustrated and give up and after visiting enough doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists, physical therapists I can't blame them. I almost gave up too! I broke my back when I was 16 years old and would often cry myself to sleep with the amount of pain I was in and the hopeless feeling I would never play sports again.

I had a long and frustrating journey trying to sort out what to do for my back pain and had a lot of failed therapies and un productive treatments. I literally tried almost every therapy you can imagine and through many years of trial and error I have been able to minimize my low back pain, get back to working out, play golf, play hockey and surf.

It is my duty to share these discoveries with people I come into contact with to help them stop suffering.

3 Critical Components are:

1) Proper Diagnosis - most patients I see have never been accurately diagnosed as to where their pain is coming from, x-rays, MRIs are helpful but too many times there is too much importance placed on those tests and not enough on the actual patient sitting right in from of you.

2) Avoidance of movements and activities that are worsening the pain - this is a huge factor is predicting if the patients pain will return and or ever go away. A thorough discussion of this and identification is critical with each patient.

3) Proper stabilization of the painful area - once the patient is out of pain then there needs to be a plan to keep them out of pain. This is often overlooked and even when it is addressed, unfortunately many of the exercises prescribed will worsen the patients condition and ensure the pain will return for them.

Don't give up! Keep searching, keep fighting, you may be right around the corner from a new life without pain. Contact us to see if you qualify for our program today.


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